Self-help payday loans: serve yourself

Many of us have a recurring dream, and this is no other than, let’s face it, live in the ideal house. The problem is that for many, this dream represents a utopia, an unattainable state. For others, although distant, it appears as a surmountable challenge, but they only dare to fantasize until their thoughts collide with the problem of financing.

Today we present an effective tool that will help finance housing spending. The payday loans.

Dismantling the self-promoting payday loans

To apply for a self-propelled payday loans you have to complete three formalities:

First, that the land on which we are going to build our ideal house belongs to us in property. Second, it will be necessary to have the building license and, finally, also to have obtained the project of work in question approved by the College of Architects.

Once the writing of the payday loans is formalized, the bank will deliver the agreed amount in installments as the work progresses. Each time the execution of a specific part of the house ends, an appraiser company will sign a work certification, which will allow us to enter the money.

The repayment term of the payday loans can reach up to 40 years, which will give us time to diligently manage your return. The grace period in these cases is usually set between 12 and 18 months. And as for the interests, they are very similar to those established in the mortgages of already built homes, as long as it is the owner’s habitual residence.

The “free buffet” of construction

The main advantage of building our own home is that we can walk around the house by adapting the dimensions, and choosing the distribution and quality of materials at our whim. The name says it: , and that is that we become our own real estate promoters. We decided, and of course, as it also happens when we choose to organize vacations on our own, saving us the travel agency expenses, setting up our house we will avoid the margins that usually correspond to the promoter, ranging from 20% to 30%.

But once overcome any obstacle and with the three papers in hand, we will study the proposals of the banks.

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