Plenary.- The DPZ puts the Cooperation Fund for works and services at the disposal of the municipalities

The plenary session of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza

The plenary session of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza 

The plenary session of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza (DPZ) has unanimously approved this Wednesday the regulations of the Cooperation Fund, a tool with which it will make economic resources available to the municipalities so that they can attend to works and services.

Speaking to the media, moments before presiding over the plenary session of the corporation, the president of the DPZ, Juan Antonio Sánchez Quero, explained that the Cooperation Fund served before 2008 so that the municipalities with treasury problems “requested a kind of loan “to the institution charged to this box.

However, “since 2008 has fallen into disuse,” as the County Council began to advance “around 66 or 75 percent” of the subsidies granted in each plan to each location and no longer requested resources from the Cooperation Fund.

A treasury operation that is what is usually done in this case with banking entities

A treasury operation that is what is usually done in this case with banking entities


“We intend to revitalize it so that municipalities that have problems of treasury or works that have not been able to finish are lent the money that is necessary” through a “credit operation”, detailed Sánchez Quero.

Three modalities have been established to require resources from this Cooperation Fund. In the first place, short-term operations may be carried out, for a maximum amount of 30,000 euros that will have to be repaid in a year and “it would be a treasury operation that is what is usually done in this case with banking entities”.

In the medium term “it would be up to ten years to return” the amounts granted, “with two years of grace” and may request up to 150,000 euros; while the long-term operations “would be extraordinary and would be fixed in the bases of execution of the budget of each year of the institution.

In this way, long-term credit operations will include loans for the financing of investments, for the refinancing of other credit operations, mandated loans for the remediation of negative cash surplus or for the financing of new or higher expenditures by current operations declared necessary and urgent. If you want title loans, you may Get up to $30,000 for your vehicle.


Sánchez Quero has warned that in order to access these resources, the municipalities must have approved the liquidation of the previous year’s budget with a “positive” result and must have approved the budget for the current year. In all cases, the interest will be “zero percent”.

“We have a budget in the Cooperation Fund of 200,000 euros that will be very short,” the president of the DPZ estimated, adding that when visiting municipalities “it hurts to see works started as swimming pools, social centers or pavilions that do not they can end because they do not have money “and the objective of this tool is precisely that” when a municipality has problems or tension of treasury can go to the DPZ and request up to a maximum of 150,000 euros. ”

He pointed out that once this Cooperation Fund is put in place, “we will see what needs the town councils have and more funds will be available to serve the municipalities.” In any case, he warned that the provincial institution “is not going to be a bank either,” but “the important thing is for the municipalities to know that the DPZ is going to solve these treasury problems” because “we can not allow There are municipalities that cannot provide services or cannot finish works because they do not have funds available. ”



On the other hand, the plenary session has approved the new regulation that regulates its legal advisory service, “which contemplates how councils and the institution itself can access this service with both legal reports and assistance in trials.”

The legal advice of the Diputación de Zaragoza is the service responsible for the representation and defense in a court of the institution. It also has the legal advice of the corporation, without prejudice to the mandatory advice that falls within the competence of the General Secretariat.

In addition, the DPZ, through this legal advice service, assists the city councils of the province, especially those with lower economic capacity and management.